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New Student Guide


Lesson Times

You will be given a regular time for your lesson.  This is your time and we will set it aside for you and be prepared when you arrive.  We schedule on a first come, first serve basis.   Check the current schedule page to see what spots remain open for lessons.



If you arrive to our studio a little early, or if we are with another student when you get here, feel free to come inside and we’ll be with you soon. 


Missed Lessons

If you are going to miss a lesson, just give us a call at 541-245-3496.  E-mails work at notations@sirrahgroup.org, if you can’t get to a phone, but we encourage phone calls for missed appointments.   If you are in an emergency situation contact us as soon as you can, but certainly we will understand when we hear that you singlehandedly kept the bridge from collapsing.



Our regular rate is $15 per student.  Lessons are scheduled for 30 minutes.  If we miss a lesson that you have pre-paid then we will either make up that lesson or reduce your payment for the next period that you pre-pay. 



If you are like most people, your practice times will occasionally be sporadic, because of a thing called life.  Understand that we all get what we pay for, and the more you practice the better you get and the easier you will understand the material we cover in the lesson.  However, don’t decide to miss a lesson because  you haven’t practiced.  Another name for a lesson is “practice”.  We’ll just help you practice while you are here.


Purchase of Materials

We try to have as many materials on hand as possible.  We typically will purchase a basic lesson book to start out.  If we have other materials that we think will be of a benefit for you, we will discuss it with you.  Sometimes we can give you these materials at no charge because we have them on hand.  Regardless, we will always discuss purchase of materials so that you are aware of any costs incurred. 



We have recitals twice a year for all Notations students.  While they are not “mandatory” they are certainly fun.  The recitals are in November and April.  We do our best to avoid school concerts and other general activities that may be occurring in our area.


Regular Attendance

Notations has no policy on attendance beyond payment for lessons taken.  If your financial situation doesn’t allow the weekly program, we will be glad to work with you.  What is important, for your learning and our scheduling, will be the regularity of our times together.  Once we find the schedule that works for you we should try to be as consistent as possible.  We can flex with life, but we also need to “fight” for our time, now and then, to prioritize our instrument over other things.  In the case of younger children it is especially important that we give them ample opportunity to have a regular schedule.


Tuition Methods

You can pay for your lessons online via PayPal on our website.  You can also purchase lessons for somebody else as a gift.  Otherwise, we accept cash or check.  Tuition can be made per lesson, or pre-paid monthly.