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Location, Location, Location:

         Traffic-It is generally best to avoid practicing in the middle of a busy intersection (both streets and in your home).  Nothing is more distracting than trying to dodge traffic (human and vehicular).  Also, the more secluded your spot is, the less you will be able to answer random questions that could wait a half hour to be answered. 


         Space-To practice a Tuba in a 3x4 closet, if not physically impossible, will certainly limit your comfort and practice results.  For the wind instruments and the guitar family, make sure you have room to move in a 360 degree circle without bumping into valuable vases from the Ming Dynasty.  Pianists and Keyboardists, it is best to make sure that your bench is clear of debris and you have room to adequately move your feet, arms and hands.  


         Reserved-The place where you practice needs to be known as….your practice space.  Not the place where your husband is rebuilding various car parts or your wife does her scrapbooking.  No, brother, you may not play Nerf© basketball in the room while I am practicing!


         Climate-Porches are a great place to practice...if you can roll the Baby Grand out to the porch...but be aware that porches in Minnesota, during the winter, are cold.  Choose the best possible climate for your comfort.  Sometimes you have no choice, but where you can control the circumstances, the more comfortable you are, the more time devoted to your instrument instead of shivering.