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Notations Music Studio

Keeping it all in tune...

Notations offers private instruction the following instruments:


Piano              Synthesizer/Keyboard                      Guitar/Plucked Strings                   


Bass Guitar               Brass Instruments               Woodwind Instruments


Music Composition and Arrangement          Orchestral Strings



We Teach on the Web!


Notations exclusively instructs you via your home computer.  Don’t let distance keep you from getting the best private music education in the business.  Send us an e-mail today and find out how easy it is to become a part of the Notations matter where you are!

Notations Music Studio provides quality music education for students at all levels, anywhere in the world.  We emphasize a full spectrum education, not only on your instrument, but in basic music theory as well as ear training and performance technique.  Whether you sing, play a trumpet or piano our method helps you play well and understand what you are doing as you play.